Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Review of Backyard Safari Bug Gun

Bug guns are a good tool for catching bugs. They suck the bug up when you pull the trigger into a catch jar. There is an extra jar so you can catch more bugs and bring them inside for awhile. My Dad hates the bugs inside, but he hates it more if we carry them inside in our hands. We have not lost any bugs that were in jar except when my brother dumped some on the sofa.

My bug gun is from a company called Backyard Safari. They make a lot of good toys. I have the bug gun, the bug house, and the bug scope. They also make bug guns with laser lights, bug nets, belts to put your stuff in and a compass. I would really like to have the compass. Some of their sets have badges you can collect too. I have a bug badge with a beetle.

Also appears with my Mom's review on dooyoo:

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