Monday, 3 June 2013


Ants are a good pet to keep because they are easy to take care of. Ants are fun to watch, but I wish I had bought a queen ant because if we had a queen we would get a whole colony. The queen would lay eggs for the worker ants to carry, and the workers would take care of the larvae and pupa. We only have worker ants, and they have lots of food so they don't have much to do and they stay in their tunnels most of the time. Worker ants only live a few months so when my ants die I am going to get a queen. I will buy yellow ants because they are see through and have different colours. Yellow ants are native to Britain, so if they get out it won't hurt anything and they do not sting.

 I keep my ants in an antosphere set. This is much more sun than a plain ant  farm because you can different types of spheres. Some of our spheres have plants. We do not have to water the plants anymore because the sun makes water into vapour. This goes up to the top of the dome and turns into water. The water falls like rain and makes the soil wet. Then the sun makes the water in the soil into vapour again. Vapour looks like steam, and when there was too much water I couldn't see in the dome, but now we have it right. The ants  go into the domes with plants when they are thirsty and drink water from the top of the domes or the leaves of the plants. They do not like to live in the plant domes. They built their houses in the dryer domes. They have to walk through tubes to go to different domes or to their food dishes.

 Ants have lived since the Mesozoic Era. That is the same time as the dinosaurs. I think ants survived the Mesozoic extinction because their homes were underground. That means they would be safer from falling dust and debris and it doesn't get as hot or cold under ground. Also ants eat lots of different foods - even dead things. They are small so they do not need a lot of food.  I think they lived because they had  a safe home and could still find enough of the right kinds of food to eat.

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