Saturday, 7 September 2013

Grey Point Fort

Grey Point Fort

I have been to Grey Point twice. The first time I went we were the only visitors and the man who ran it showed us how to send signals in Morse code. The next time there was a big military vehicle exhibition

My favourite things about the fort on a normal day are being able to try on military clothes and gas masks, do the Morse code with the machine that makes beeps and see the machine gun. I also like the big canon guns. Grey point Fort is nice place for hiking or nature walks too. We found blue butterflies, a grey ant, a huge beetle. There are also some wildflowers and different birds. There are picnic tables as well and you can see the beach and coastal path below the fort. the man who taught us to use Morse code was very nice and fun to talk to.

The fort was even more fun when they had the military vehicles day. It has all sorts of things besides vehicles as well. There were army tents and a man was making tea on a small army stove. There were lots of men in army uniforms. My brother and I had our pictures taken in an American army jeep. We got to talk to lots of people about the vehicles and the equipment. The very best part was getting to hold the guns and get our pictures taken with them. There was a sniper rifle, a pistol and a M1 carbine. I liked the M1 carbine the best, but I liked all of the guns.

I also liked getting dressed up to go to this. My brother and I dressed as soldiers, and many of the other boys did too. We brought our own airsoft guns, but we weren't allowed to bring ammo. It was fun sitting around the camps with everyone dressed like army guys and playing with guns.

Mom's note: Grey Point Fort is one of Northern Ireland's best kept secrets. Located near Helen's bay it is free to visit and has  good access and wonderful volunteers. For more info please visit their website:

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