Thursday, 7 June 2012

KLutz Book of Paper Airplanes

This is one of my very favourite books. This book is about how to make paper airplanes and how to make them fly right. This book tells you how to make 10 paper airplanes. It is very big and really good pictures of the planes made with coloured papers. The instructions are easy to read and the pictures help a lot, but it is very hard to get the folds right. You have to make both sides exactly the same. Even though I try the best I can, my planes do not come out as well Mom's. But I still really like this book. I love the planes Mom made, I love the coloured paper that comes with this. It makes the best airplanes ever. I like reading this book and I like practising making the planes. I can make one of the planes well now, and  I will keep practising until I can make them all.

 Another good thing about this book is that it tells you ways to fix your air plane if it isn't working right and it tells you which planes are best for inside and which planes are best for outside. It shows you the best way to throw your plane. It tells you how to make them turn and tells about parts on real airplanes.

 My favourite airplane in this book is the professional. It is for indoor and outdoor. It has triangle shaped wings. It one of the easier planes to make, and flies really well, It goes fast and makes loops. The people who make the book say it can go up to 71 feet. Mine haven't gone that far, but Mom says we can make a whole bunch of planes and test them all. We can use a measuring tape and see how far we can make them go.

 I like this book a lot. I think other kids will like it too.  My brother likes it too and he is only 3, but he can not make the planes. he just likes Mom to make them. I think this would be best for kids my age or maybe bigger. I am seven. I think this would make a very good Christmas or Birthday present because you can make so many planes.

 The only bad thing about this book is you can not get more of the special paper when it runs out. You can make the planes with other paper, but this paper is really colourful with nice designs like space and bubbles.

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